Over the past quite a few years, I've written lots of software utilities. Most were for a specific one-time purpose and the other more generally useful ones never got polished up to a state suitable of being released. But some I think are in a releasable state and are shown below.

There are also several more in progress, that may appear  at some stage if I ever get time to finish them. The StarView and SkyView shown below are works-in-progress with more ideas to be applied, but the current versions should be in a stable state.

See the links below and on the side menu for more details.


SkyView  The SkyView software is used for determining the positions of the sun, moon, planets, stars and other astronomical bodies in the sky from the user’s location. 

StarStack For editing and stacking astronomical photos.

VSPair  A utility for predicting the compressed air requirements when conducting VSP and Walkaway VSP surveys.

GeoTime  A utility for converting between Lat-Long and UTM, and computing Julian Time, Sidereal Time and Sunrise and Sunset times from an observer’s location. 

LasViewer  A utility for viewing and plotting oilfield well-log data that is stored in LAS format files.